Our Product:

We know we are delivering the best Pine Straw South Georgia has to offer, because we choose to contract with local landowners that are a part of our community.  We collect and distribute only the highest quality product by hand selecting our fields.  Not only do we select the best pine straw, we also select the best drivers from our own fleet to ensure timely delivery of our product.

Long Leaf Pine Straw

Pine straw mulch is lighter in weight than any other mulch, allowing for greater filtration of water and is easy to distribute.  Not only does it increase percolation, but it creates a network of needles that help hold down erosion and protect unstable areas.

Slash Pine Straw

Don't want your pine straw to out shine your garden?  Pine Straw is an attractive natural ground cover, especially good around hydrangeas and camellias.  Needles can be placed over spent perennials and other plants succumbing to winter freezes.  This will conserve heat and keep the soil from freezing to protect the root zone from extreme cold.

Wheat Straw 

Pine straw helps create ideal conditions for plants as it helps acidify alkaline soils.  Pine straw breaks down slower than any other bark materials, allowing its benefits to last longer.  Once it does begin to compost, the nutrient content in the soil increases.  Use a garden fork to mix needles into soil to reduce compaction and aid in oxygenation.


Don't need pine straw?  We also carry freight!  

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